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Doc's Sports supports and promotes local and regional NPC Bodybuilding Contests in Georgia. The company also provides top quality products for bodybuilders. Kenneth “Doc” Neely started Doc’s Gym/Doc’s Sports in 1976. He began making posing trunks in 1977. The first trunks were the DR, before this time most bodybuilders wore handmade trunks or speedos. In 1980 he was the first outside advertiser to appear in Joe Weider’s Muscle Fitness with a full page color ad and later expanding to a double page spread until 1986. In later years he advertised in Flex, and Muscle Magazine.
(Joe Wieder, Gary Strydom, Doc Neely and NPC President Jim Manion From 1986 NPC National Held In Atlanta by Doc's Sports.)
Doc promoted the first Mr. USA and teenage USA in 1977 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. It was the first time that a bodybuilding contest was held as an independent event without weightlifting. He also promoted the Mr. America in 1979 at the Fox Theater with a crowd of over 3,600 people in attendance. Ray Mentzer won this event.

Other events promoted by Doc Sports:

1.1977 AAU Mr. USA
2. 1979 AAU America
3. 1980 Teenage America
4. 1983 NPC USA
5. 1985 Jr Nationals
6. 1986 NPC Nationals
7. 1977-2003 NPC Atlantic USA
8. 1978-2003 NPC Coastal
9. 1976-2012 NPC Georgia State Championships
10. 1978-2012 NPC Atlanta Bodybuilding Championships

Letters to Doc Neely


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